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Project Title : Study and Characterization of cardiac dynamics from ECG signals based on complex network measures and to automate the classification of arrhythmias using convolutional neural network

Principal Investigator (PI) : Dr. Rinku Jacob, Asst. Professor, RSET

Co- Principal Investigator (Co-PI) : Dr. Ramkumar P.B., Assoc. Professor, RSET

Agency : DST-SERB

Project Start date : 12 January 2021

Status : Ongoing

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Project Title : Development of Digital Spectroscopy Source Unit (DSSU) & Spectrum Analyzing Program for Arc and Absorption Spectrum

Fund Support given by : The Manager, St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam

Duration and Year : 1 year , 2010 – 2011

Principal Investigator : Rinku Jacob, Adhoc Lecturer, Department of Physics, SAC

Status : Completed

Abstract :

This project is a renovation work of an experimental setup in the laboratory of Department of Physics, St. Albert’s College. Four M.Sc. students were also worked in the first phase of this project under my guidance. Those students are Mr. Aneesh, Mr. Dilin Dineshan, Mr. Sujith and Mr. Allen. The aim of the project is to digitise then existing method of taking photograph of the arc and absorption spectrum using film to identify the given sample. Two factors motivate me to do this project.

  1. Most of the colleges in ernakulam start dropping the arc spectrum experiment in post graduation course due to the lack of the availability of B/W film and the chemicals required for developing the film.

  2. While doing this experiment, students face difficulty in taking the measurements from the comparator, which results in error in the computed results.

This project has two phases. In the first phase, a spectral source selection unit that can be controlled by a computer is developed. This new unit is given the name as “Digital Spectroscopy Source Unit (DSSU)”. The different spectral sources incorporated in this unit are Mercury light source, Diode Laser, and an arrangment for taking the solar spectrum for observing Fraunhoffer lines (this is planned in the third phase).
In the second phase, the program code written in Matlab is developed to analyse the spectrum taken from the DSSU using the constant deviation spectrometer. The digital spectrum of Copper and Iron taken is shown below. The Intensity profile is also shown for comparison.

Snapshot of the works during the first phase

The Inauguration of the Renovated Digital Spectroscopy Lab